Monday, July 7, 2008

Bachelorette CRAP

I feel that it is necessary to rant and rave about stupid shows like the bachelor and the bachelorette. Jonathan and I mostly watch American Gladiators and House on Monday night. But lets be honest there are comercials that come on between these shows and they are quite annoying, so we are frequent channel surfers. Stumbling on the Bachelorette.

I am fully aware that shows like this are well past their 5th season and creating more and more spawns in their likeness. I believe we saw a preview for a cowboy version or something like that. But these shows bug us for one BIG reason...

They throw around the term "Love" "falling in love" and "in love" like it is cheap change from your pocket. How can anyone in the world think that this show is romantic or even real for that matter? How can someone think that they would be able to "fall ion love" with someone else in the course of a few months with a bunch of other peopel around. The whole point of the show is to find a suitable match for one person, it is the realistic version of a "meat market". It is totally psychological that these women or men are falling in love with the person in question. They are forced into a reality TV show with contracts and pre-requisites and understandings that totally put pressure on the whole love process. It is a true insult to those of us who have spent real time getting to know eachother and truly fall in love by a happy accident. (not that love is an accident but it certainly isn't pre-meditated most of the time) The word love shouldn't be tossed around so callously. It has true meaning for some of us who didn't go on a reality TV show and be pimped out to a bunch of guys who were willing to check out a piece of ass. Really it is quite aggrivating...

So screw you bachelorette and bachelor shows, you are a true shadow of what love really is and merely appear to be a puppet show where producers are the puppet masters with the show of love...


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Maybe this one will stick...

I found that I haven't been good at keeping up a blog on myspace. All of the "bloggers" there are all about the "pitty me"s and that isn't what I am about. I love that Landon and Shirl have these to keep people updated about their weddings or their married life so I thought that this is a good idea to steal. So maybe I will actually keep this one up!

Jonathan and I have been married for about 7 months come the 8th of July. It doesn't seem that different or new for us. There are a few more slightly heated arguments then normal. But for the most part we just live together now. People always ask what we learned about each other, and the truth is we have learned very little. We already knew so much about each other from dating so long it was an easy transition. Let me tell you a little bit about the both of us:


He was born on August 16th, 1985. In high school he played football and threw for the track and field team. He then went on to college at Lewis and Clark and played for the football team there. They weren't very good but it kept Jonathan busy. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He thuroughly enjoys playing the Wii, napping, and beer. He is currently a financial advisor with Wadell and Reed and hopefully going back to Costco to earn a bit more cash on the side.


She was born May 6, 1985 (that is right folks she is OLDER). In high school she played flute in band and marched with the colorguard. She was also in choir and track and field. After graduating she was invited back to coach the colorguard under the direction of Ron Barnett and the guidance of Shirlyn Bauer. She went to PCC and earned her Associate of Arts degree and transferred to PSU to earn her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She now works as the Director of the Colorguard program at Westview and as an Instructional Assistant at Ridgewood Elementary School and as a server at the Old Spaghetti Factory (YUM!) She enjoys napping, and watching So You Think You Can Dance, the Baby Borrowers, Wife Swap, and Hells Kitchen (Jonathan loves that one too!)

That is us! Here is how we happen to be married:

Most people would not even put a band geek and a jock together in high school, but alas here we are. We started dating in February of our senior year. We met each other during tack and field winter conditioning. We really got to talking when Kim bailed at one practice. Both of us had just gotten out of year+ relationships and weren't really looking for anyone to be with. Jonathan (with much encouragement from Keinan and Kessler) asked Laurie out while walking her to a bus stop. Our first date was at Nona Amelias and we hit it off. The rest is history...

Alright I think that does it for now. Have a good day!